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Dr. Zheng combines all qualities that are so important for a medical doctor. She is extremely knowledgeable in both conventional and functional medicine which is a rare but invaluable asset. She is very caring and warm-hearted and her office is really well organized with friendly and efficient staff. Waiting times are very short. Since I first went to Dr. Zheng's office I knew I found my Primary Care Physician in NYC!

— Tom Winter

After many years of research on functional medicine and how it combines integrative and holistic science, I had a chance meeting with Dr. Zheng through a common friend when I was dealing with the onset of an early menopause and Hashimoto's hypothyroidism in the middle of reeling with the pandemic. Dr. Zheng was extremely on the ball with her diagnosis and was rather generous with her time with my endless questions. She put me at ease at once and it was reassuring to know that she had a game plan for each of my hormonal issues. She has guided me and literally handheld me through this awkward phase of my late 40's and I am eternally grateful to her. I was seeking answers from Western medicine and all my attempts were met with huge disappointment and over-medicating leading to further side effects. Her in-depth knowledge in her field of practice combined with her strong intuition is remarkable. She was really patient, attentive, and had an eye for detail. I highly recommend her.

—Priya Walia

This was the first time I have actually been to a doctor's office that did not make me wait a while after my appointment time.  I was literally called 8 minutes after I've arrived.  Now let me say this, I found Yixiu Zheng on here and I had a feeling that I may have found MY doctor, well, I DID! She is very knowledgeable about many many different things and I just felt really at ease talking to her. She gave me some AWESOME recommendations as far as my weight and skin care is concerned. I love her so far! I definitely recommend going.



I’ve been going to Dr. Yixiu Zheng for the past two years for my cosmetic needs such as the liquid nose lift and lip injections. She is precise and careful at what she does, asks lots of questions about what you want, and lets you know what is good for you. I love my results because they are natural and will be continuing to see her for her expertise in aesthetics. Thank you, Dr. Zheng!

—Sophia Lam

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! She took her time to explain my lab result. The good and not so good. A very nice and caring doctor. I waited about 10 mins to be called in if that. I am very happy that my mother recommended me to her.


Dr. Zheng is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my health, but also she is lovely to speak with at every appointment. She’s helped me lose over 40 pounds and keep my Multiple Sclerosis at bay. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with an outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming her patient! 

—Sara Martinez

Dr. Zheng has been a life-changer.  After many months of chronic health issues that other doctors struggled to diagnose, Dr. Zheng was able to diagnose after just a couple of visits.  I had answers to so many frustrating long-term symptoms...and her treatment plan has been incredible.  I feel healthier than I have in over ten years.  She is hands-on and reliable.  I am very happy my friend recommended her to me.  I never had a doctor before like this! Never trusted anyone as much as her.


—Laura Bilodeau

I cannot rave enough about Dr. Zheng, she is extremely responsive and prompt. I love communicating with my Dr., not every doctor is as accessible as she is. That is very important to me. I have been her patient for over five years. She is my primary care, her referrals are always excellent, her network of contacts is the best. She is always coming up with cutting-edge treatments. I refer all of my friends to her, and they are all pleased.

—Taja Abitbol

Dr. Zheng is a patient’s dream. She a wonderfully smart and personable, who gives added meaning to caring about her patients. I have always felt safe and comfortable in her care. Through the years, Dr. Zheng is my best Doctor bar none. I highly recommend Dr.Zheng.

—Paul Lem

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