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Regenerative Medicine

BioGenix Stem cells is the gold standard in regenerative medicine. BioGenix gets its stem cells from cord blood and the Wharton's jelly. 

The stem cells can be injected or applied to a face, injected IV peripherally, or to joints to render regenerative benefits.

Aesthetic Medicine

Chemical peels, skin care products, stem cells, neuromodulators and fillers to reverse aging.

Advanced Aesthetic: Different modalities of lasers for pigments, unwanted hair and rhytides. Neuromodulators for apocrine sweat glands.

Anti-Aging: PRP or stem cell facial with microneedling and hair regrowth. 

Obesity Medicine

Identify medical, emotional, psychological, social and nutritional causes of obesity.

Use medicine, nutrition, supplements, meal replacement and exercise to monitor and help lose weight.

Platelet Rich Plasma Facial

Blood is taken from the client, it is then spun down to get the essence (platelet rich plasma) which contains growth hormones and factors. It is penetrated into the deeper layer of the skin with microneedling. As a result, your skin is lifted, renewed and scars tissues improved.

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