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  • 2. How can you help with weight loss? 你如何帮助减肥?
    We provide assessments, personalized plans, and ongoing support for healthy weight loss. 我们为健康减肥提供评估、个性化计划和持续支持。
  • 3. Are weight loss medications safe?减肥药安全吗?
    Prescribed medications are FDA-approved and used under medical supervision. 处方药经 FDA 批准并在医疗监督下使用。
  • 1. What is obesity medicine? 什么是肥胖医学?
    It focuses on managing obesity through personalized weight loss approaches. 它侧重于通过个性化的减肥方法来控制肥胖
  • 1. Can Renaissance Medical help with sexual concerns related to aging? Renaissance Medical 能否帮助解决与衰老相关的性问题?
    Yes, Renaissance Medical offers personalized treatment options, including bio-identical hormone therapy, extracorporeal shock wave therapy and PRP or stem cell injections to the sex organ to support sexual wellness as individuals age. Please refer to the sexual health page for more information. 是的,Renaissance Medical 提供个性化的治疗选择,包括生物同质性激素疗法、体外冲击波疗法和 PRP 或性器官干细胞注射,以支持随着个人年龄增长而保持性健康。请参阅性健康页面了解更多信息。
  • 2. How can it benefit me? 它对我有什么好处?
    Optimizing metabolic functions can boost energy, aid weight management, enhance cognitive function, and improve overall health. 优化代谢功能可以增加能量、帮助体重管理、增强认知功能并改善整体健康。
  • 4. What kind of tests can you run? 的测试?
    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: Measures glucose levels, electrolyte balance, liver and kidney function, and protein levels. Lipid Profile: Evaluates cholesterol levels and provides insights into cardiovascular health and lipid metabolism. Thyroid Function Tests: Assesses thyroid hormone levels to evaluate metabolism regulation. Insulin and Glucose Levels: Tests fasting blood glucose and insulin levels to assess insulin resistance and glucose metabolism. HbA1c: Measures average blood glucose levels over time for long-term blood sugar control assessment. Hormone Panels: Evaluates hormone balance, including cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels. Inflammatory Markers: Tests for markers of inflammation such as Homocysteine, CRP and ESR, which can impact metabolism and overall health. Vitamin Panels Genetic studies such as 3x4 genetics Specific cardiac health test including Boston Heart Health Panels. 综合代谢组:测量葡萄糖水平、电解质平衡、肝肾功能和蛋白质水平。 血脂概况:评估胆固醇水平并深入了解心血管健康和脂质代谢。 甲状腺功能测试:评估甲状腺激素水平以评估代谢调节。 胰岛素和葡萄糖水平:测试空腹血糖和胰岛素水平,以评估胰岛素抵抗和葡萄糖代谢。 HbA1c:测量随时间变化的平均血糖水平,用于长期血糖控制评估。 激素组:评估激素平衡,包括皮质醇、雌激素、黄体酮和睾酮水平。 炎症标志物:检测炎症标志物,例如同型半胱氨酸、CRP 和 ESR,它们会影响新陈代谢和整体健康。 维生素面板 遗传学研究,例如 3x4 遗传学 特定的心脏健康测试,包括波士顿心脏健康面板。
  • 3. What treatments are offered? 提供哪些治疗?
    We provide personalized plans with nutrition guidance, lifestyle modifications, and targeted supplementation if needed. 我们提供个性化计划,包括营养指导、生活方式改变和有针对性的补充(如果需要)。
  • 1. What are advanced metabolic functions? 什么是高级代谢功能?
    They optimize metabolism for improved energy, weight management, hormone balance, and overall health. 它们优化新陈代谢以改善能量、体重管理、激素平衡和整
  • 5. Is it safe? 安全吗?
    When administered by professionals, IV nutrition is generally safe, following strict protocols. 当由专业人员管理时,IV 营养通常是安全的,遵循严格的规程。
  • 4. What types are offered? 提供哪些类型?
    We provide customized IV nutrition formulations, including vitamin infusions, hydration therapy, energy boost, immune support, and detoxification. 我们提供定制的 IV 营养配方,包括维生素输液、水化疗法、能量提升、免疫支持和排毒。
  • 1. What is IV nutrition? 什么是静脉营养?
    It delivers essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fluids directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous line. 它通过静脉导管将必需的营养素、维生素、矿物质和液体直接输送到血液中。
  • 6. How long does a session take? 会话需要多长时间?
    Sessions can range from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on the formulation and individual needs. 会话可以从 30 分钟到几个小时不等,具体取决于配方和个人需求。
  • 2. What are the benefits? 有什么好处?
    IV nutrition improves nutrient absorption, detoxification, energy levels, hydration, immune support, and replenishes nutrient deficiencies. IV 营养改善营养吸收、解毒、能量水平、水合作用、免疫支持,并补充营养不足。
  • 3. Who can benefit from this? 谁可以从中受益?
    Those with nutrient deficiencies, weakened immune systems, dehydration, fatigue, digestive disorders, or seeking support during illness or recovery. 营养缺乏、免疫系统减弱、脱水、疲劳、消化系统疾病或在生病或康复期间寻求支持的人。
  • 3. Are the procedures safe? 程序安全吗?
    Yes, our procedures are performed by qualified professionals in a safe environment. 是的,我们的程序由合格的专业人员在安全的环境中执行。
  • 2. What services do you offer? 您提供何种服务?
    We provide Botox, fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, PDO threads, laser hair removal, chemical peels, and more. 我们提供保妥适、填充剂、激光嫩肤、PDO 线、激光脱毛、化学换肤等。
  • 1. What is aesthetic medicine? 什么是医学美容?
    Aesthetic medicine enhances appearance through treatments like Botox, fillers, and laser procedures. 美容医学通过保妥适、填充剂和激光程序等治疗来改善外观。
  • 2. How does it differ from traditional medicine? 它与传统医学有何不同?
    Functional medicine is patient-centered and focuses on personalized care and wellness. 功能医学以患者为中心,专注于个性化护理和健康
  • 1. What is functional medicine? 什么是功能医学?
    It identifies and addresses root causes of disease to restore optimal function. 它识别并解决疾病的根本原因以恢复最佳功能
  • 3. What kind of hormone optimization service do you provide? 你们提供什么样的荷尔蒙优化服务?
    We offer personalized hormone optimization treatments including Bio-Identical hormones via pellet insertion. 我们提供个性化的激素优化治疗,包括通过颗粒插入的生物相同激素。
  • 2. How do I know if I need it? 我怎么知道我是否需要它?
    Symptoms like fatigue, low libido, and mood swings may indicate the need for hormone optimization. 疲劳、性欲低下和情绪波动等症状可能表明需要优化激素。
  • 1. What is hormone optimization? 什么是激素优化?
    It balances and restores hormone levels to improve health and well-being. 它可以平衡和恢复荷尔蒙水平,从而改善健康和福祉。
  • 2. What are the benefits? 有什么好处?
    Peptide therapy can enhance athletic performance, improve immune function, increase energy levels, and accelerate healing. 肽疗法可以增强运动表现,改善免疫功能,增加能量水平,并加速愈合。
  • 3. How is it administered? 它是如何管理的?
    Peptides can be given through injections, creams, or orally, depending on the specific peptide.
  • 1. What is peptide management? 什么是肽管理?
    It involves using peptides for various health benefits, such as tissue repair and overall well-being. 它涉及使用肽来获得各种健康益处,例如组织修复和整体健康。
  • 1. What services does Renaissance Medical offer? Renaissance Medical 提供哪些服务?
    Renaissance Medical offers aesthetic medicine, hormone optimization, regenerative medicine, obesity medicine, functional medicine, peptide management, advanced metabolic functions, and IV nutrition. Renaissance Medical 提供美容医学、激素优化、再生医学、肥胖医学、功能医学、肽管理、高级代谢功能和 IV 营养。
  • 11. Can Renaissance Medical help with weight loss, hormone imbalances, or chronic fatigue?
    Yes, Renaissance Medical specializes in addressing weight loss, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, and more. Treatment plans are tailored to individual needs.
  • 9. What can I expect during my initial consultation at Renaissance Medical?
    During the initial consultation, healthcare professionals will conduct a comprehensive assessment, discuss your concerns and goals, and develop a personalized treatment plan.
  • 4. Are the treatments provided at Renaissance Medical safe? Renaissance Medical 提供的治疗安全吗?
    Patient safety is a priority at Renaissance Medical, and all treatments are performed by qualified professionals following strict safety protocols. 患者安全是 Renaissance Medical 的首要任务,所有治疗均由合格的专业人员按照严格的安全规程进行
  • 2. Are the doctors at Renaissance Medical board-certified? Renaissance Medical 的医生是否经过认证?
    Yes, doctors at Renaissance Medical are at least board-certified in Family Medicine or Internal Medicine. Our team members have advance training in Anti-aging, Regenerative medicine, Functional medicine, Obesity medicine, and Aesthetic medicine. 是的,Renaissance Medical 的医生至少获得了家庭医学或内科方面的委员会认证。我们的团队成员接受过抗衰老、再生医学、功能医学、肥胖医学和美容医学方面的高级培训
  • 15. What's Renaissance Medical's preferred payment? Any payment planning?
    Renaissance Medical has several preferred payment options available. We recommend using Zelle, cash, Cashapp, or Venmo for a seamless payment experience. Please be aware that credit card transactions, including FSA and HSA cards, are subject to a 3% surcharge. Furthermore, we also offer convenient payment planning through our in-house installment payment plan. This allows you to divide your payments into manageable installments. For more details and eligibility requirements, please inquire with our team.
  • 12. Are lifestyle changes recommended with treatments at Renaissance Medical?
    Renaissance Medical may provide lifestyle recommendations, including diet, exercise, and stress management, to support treatment plans and overall well-being.
  • 3. What sets Renaissance Medical apart from other anti-aging clinics? Renaissance Medical 与其他抗衰老诊所的区别是什么?
    Renaissance Medical distinguishes itself through its multidisciplinary approach, board-certified doctors, personalized treatment plans, and utilization of advanced medical techniques. Renaissance Medical 凭借其多学科方法、获得董事会认证的医生、个性化治疗计划和先进医疗技术的利用而脱颖而出。
  • 5. How experienced is the team at Renaissance Medical in anti-aging and functional medicine? Renaissance Medical 的团队在抗衰老和功能医学方面的经验如何?
    The team at Renaissance Medical consists of highly experienced professionals with expertise in anti-aging and functional medicine, staying updated with the latest advancements in their fields. Renaissance Medical 的团队由经验丰富的专业人士组成,他们在抗衰老和功能医学方面具有专业知识,随时了解各自领域的最新进展。
  • 8. Do I need a referral from a primary care physician to schedule an appointment at Renaissance Medical?
    A referral from a primary care physician is generally not required to schedule an appointment at Renaissance Medical. Check with your insurance provider for specific requirements.
  • 7. How long do appointments or treatment sessions at Renaissance Medical take?
    Appointment durations vary depending on the service and individual needs. The staff at Renaissance Medical will provide estimated durations upon scheduling.
  • 14. Can Renaissance Medical provide personalized treatment plans?
    Yes, Renaissance Medical offers personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs, aiming to optimize patient outcomes and well-being.
  • 6. Are the treatments and services at Renaissance Medical covered by insurance? Renaissance Medical 的治疗和服务是否包含在保险范围内?
    Coverage for treatments and services at Renaissance Medical varies depending on insurance plans. It is advisable to check with your insurance provider for specific coverage details. Renaissance Medical 的治疗和服务承保范围因保险计划而异。建议咨询您的保险提供商以了解具体的承保细节。
  • 13. How often are follow-up appointments at Renaissance Medical?
    The frequency of follow-up appointments depends on the treatment, progress, and individual healthcare needs. The medical team will provide guidance on recommended follow-up schedules.
  • 10. Are there any age restrictions for the services provided at Renaissance Medical?
    Renaissance Medical serves adults 18 yrs and older and suitability for treatments is determined based on individual health profiles and consultation.
  • 2. What conditions can be treated?
    Joint pain, injuries, chronic wounds, simple aging and degenerative diseases can benefit from regenerative medicine.
  • 1. What is regenerative medicine?
    It stimulates healing and tissue regeneration using techniques like Stem Cell Therapy, Exosome and PRP.
  • 3. Are the treatments safe?
    We follow safety protocols and use the patient's own cells or growth factors for safe treatment. The stem cells and Exosomes come from USA FDA regulated companies.
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